Stickman is one of those games that have always retained a lot of popularity among all age groups. The reason behind its universal appeal is the fun and interesting storyline. The story revolves around a boy called Stickman who lives in modern day Manhattan. He is a member of a family owned candy store named Wacky Wheels.

The main characters in all Stickman games are the usual black stick men. However, they look like the images of traditional kids, but that fact does not diminish their popularity at all. On the contrary, among all the main characters, one of the most famous is the evil magician named Vicky. Both of them carry the same mission: To rid Manhattan from the grip of evil.

As already mentioned above, Stickman fighting is one of its most popular versions. Since it involves a fair amount of violence, many parents would probably not allow their kids to play this game. The violence is present in the Stickman game only in the context of fantasy. In other words, the violence in Stickman fighting is merely what you would find in a fairy tale. You will never find a stick man carrying a sword and fighting with his enemies, instead you will see him rescuing the day by playing as stickman.

If you are looking for another thrilling shooting game with a little bit of action, then you should check out Pillars of the Earth. This is also known as “The Tower.” You will also risk getting slapped around by there are many reasons why, but part of it is its beautiful graphics and its interesting storyline.

Stickman Games have always been highly respected and is still played by millions of people. There are many reasons why, but part of it is its amazing artwork and its funny storyline. People can play Stickman games for many hours without getting bored. People can also fight with their stickman armies against an incredible and hilarious assortment of characters. The fighting is frantic and fun, all because of there are many reasons why.

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