Easter Games

Easter is coming! It is spring time once again, and the children are running around in every corner of the house, playing games, chasing each other, and generally having a great time. Easter was not always so fun, however; back in the days, when nobody knew much about evolution or the world around them, it was not uncommon for people to be severely sick on Easter Sunday. Back then, because nobody really understood how humans worked, Easter was also used as an excuse for people to get sick. Now, thankfully, we have learned more about how the human body works. But because of this, the tradition of Easter being a day of sadness has remained.

Fortunately, fun Easter games are still possible. With classics like Easter egg relay, Easter jumpers, and Easter word games, there is something for everybody! Great Easter games for both adults and children alike. There’s just something about spring: the gentle breeze, the bees and butterflies, the sun drenched beaches, the gentle neighborhood kids.

The perfect Easter game for kids is the Easter bunny game. Kids love watching the cute little Easter bunny in his basket, chasing the adults around the yard. It can be a great activity for the entire family. It can even bring the family closer together through the common interest of catching the Easter bunny. This makes a great game for the whole family, since most kids will probably wish for their parents to catch them in the act of doing something incredible.

Another great Easter game idea is to play a “Winsor Gala”. This is an Easter themed game that is played in the springtime when everyone is planting beautiful spring colored flowers and planning what to do with the flowers once the season is over. A game where you can win free gifts like an Easter dress or spring colored balloons is an Easter themed game that almost everyone will enjoy playing. If your family enjoys spring, this is an Easter game that can really be enjoyed throughout the year.

If you are going to have an Easter party, then one idea that will certainly be on everybody’s list is the Easter Egg Race. This is a fun activity that almost everyone will thoroughly enjoy. The best thing about the Easter Egg Race is that it’s so simple. All you need are some plastic eggs, a very small piece of string, a jar or container full of colored wax, a jar with a lid, and of course, plenty of prizes.

To play the Easter Egg Race, first find a good location where there is plenty of room to move around and play. You should have enough space for your family to run around and play. When you’re ready, line up a few plastic eggs in a circle. Have your children start running around the circle at different speeds. The goal is to get your child to cross the line first without touching any of the other eggs. As they reach the end of the line, give them a prize that they can eat or use as a boomerang so that they can continue running to the next egg.