Pool Games

Pool is an exciting game and the competition is quite high for the best players. One of the most attractive aspects of the pool is that it can be played as a game between two competitors; either you are playing against your friend or against a third player. If you play pool against your friend, each time you shoot at his ball you add to your score. You only need to remove the balls that hit you in your opponent’s pocket or face, to win the game. In the case of a three-way game, you need to remove all the balls from your opponent’s pockets, in order to win.

Pool games can be played on any type of pool table, with any number of pockets. However, the type of pool table is of utmost importance, since in such a game you will be dealing with smaller balls than in other types of games. The balls used in such pool games are generally made of cloth, paper, or felt, which do not remain very long in the pockets. Thus, one of the advantages of playing pool on a small pool table is that you can easily handle and clear the pockets.

9 Ball Pool: This is perhaps the simplest form of all the pool games. You start with nine balls, each placed in a separate hole in the table. The object of the game is for you to get the last numbered ball out of your opponents’ pockets, by shooting it towards a net. Thus, the objective is not only to get the ball from your opponent, but also to make sure that the opponent’s last numbered ball is eliminated from the pocket before yours does.

Two-ball Pool: In most of the 2-ball pool games, the players are allowed to have two pools, one in the corners of the tables. A person sits in the corner, holding a single pool and aims it at his opponent sitting in the center of the table. The aim is to make the opponent to drop his pool into the pot instead of yours, by shooting it towards the empty pockets on the table. Thus, in most cases, it is easy to beat a rival using the two-pool advantage.

Rotation Pool: One of the biggest advantages of the rotation pool is that, it is a fast game. The rules of the game are very easy, and the movements are very smooth. It doesn’t take too much time to learn, and thus, many new players love to play in this game. The players alternate between the two piles of pool balls, while the rotation persists. Thus, it’s quite an exciting game for people who love speed and action.

Eyes Closed Pool: Eyes Closed Pool is the game played during a pool party. The player has to hold his hand in front of him and give a signal like, “Puck” when his hand is near the paddle. Then he has to stare at the ball without touching it, or else he will be tagged. Eyes closed, is considered as the best hand eye coordination and can be learnt very easily. However, if you have some trouble with this one, you can opt for watching the other players or you can opt for practicing in front of your mirror before entering the water.